Annoyances of Bid Whist Players

 who are Extremely Annoying (characterized by their Stupid Quotes)


Annoyance 1: 

I play "Bid Whist" and not "Set Whist".

Annoyance 2: 

Partner, I assumed you had a good enough hand that would support my hand.

Annoyance 3: 

I'd rather go out the door backwards, with a -7, than let you beat me.

Annoyance 4: 

I have to be the bidder for all hands because I'm a "Control Freak" and I have to be the "Center of Attention".

Annoyance 5: 

I don't like to play with Amateurs.

Annoyance 6: 

I don't like to lose.

Annoyance 7: 

If I have a temper tantrum or a hissy fit, it's just the way I am.

Annoyance 8: 

I don't need luck, I got skills.

Annoyance 9: 

I have a system that will make you win every time. I'm always right, no matter what.

Annoyance 10: 

I am a Bid Whist Expert (Whistologist).

Annoyance 11: 

We did not lose, we beat ourselves.

Annoyance 12: 

I can guarantee you a win by quoting the required number of winning cards you need in your hand.

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