Annoyances of Bid Whist Players

 who are Extremely Annoying (characterized by their Stupid Quotes)


Annoyance 1: 

I play "Bid Whist" and not "Set Whist".

Annoyance 2: 

Partner, I assumed you had a good enough hand that would support my hand.

Annoyance 3: 

I'd rather go out the door backwards, with a -7, than let you beat me.

Annoyance 4: 

I have to be the bidder for all hands because I'm a "Control Freak" and I have to be the "Center of Attention".

Annoyance 5: 

I don't like to play with Amateurs.

Annoyance 6: 

I don't like to lose.

Annoyance 7: 

If I have a temper tantrum or a hissy fit, it's just the way I am.

Annoyance 8: 

I don't need luck, I got skills.

Annoyance 9: 

I have a system that will make you win every time. I'm always right, no matter what.

Annoyance 10: 

I am a Bid Whist Expert (Whistologist).

Annoyance 11: 

We did not lose, we beat ourselves.

Annoyance 12: 

I can guarantee you a win by quoting the required number of winning cards you need in your hand.

Annoyance 13: 

You might be considered a Knucklehead and you don't even know it.

  1. You are easily frustrated when you lose a single game (Drives you crazy).
  2. You find fault with every player that plays with you or against you.
  3. You think that you could win every hand using your self-made techniques.
  4. You lose and you always blame it on your partner (Your partner has our sympathy).
  5. You take unnecessary and outrageous bids because you think you are the greatest.
  6. You think nobody knows how to play Bid Whist except you.
  7. You notice that most people don't want to play with you, especially as your partner.
  8. You have noticed how much pleasure people get out of beating you because they despise you.
  9. You lose and you sit there lollygagging until you are forced to move for the next players.
  10. You think your opponents did not beat you with their skills (Oh yeah, you lost on purpose).
  11. You don't understand why no one wants to put up with your crap (Understood, just being you).
  12. You roar as loud as you can to intimidate people (You are a Simple-Minded Bully).
  13. Your arrogance will not let you apologize for any of your insensitive comments.
  14. You find yourself mumbling to yourself incoherently and you are now answering yourself.
  15. You like to talk trash to and about people. But, you will not accept constructive criticism about you.

Annoyance 14: 

I can select the one and only perfect card to play at the right time in any game.

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