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We have the most professional looking and professional playing game for Bid Whist on the market. Judge for yourself. Try it and let us know what you think. We truly appreciate our current and future supporters. We are dedicated to keeping computer requirements at the operating system minimum requirements. We currently support Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. We offer unique features that help experts and beginners improve or test their skills. All purchasers of the full version will receive minor updates and/or one major upgrade, at no cost via Email, when requested by you. Minor and major upgrades are developed and released according to our research and experiences. There are no set timeframes on minor or major upgrade releases. Our Support Policy is to send you one major upgrade and support you for 1 year via Email. The game will continue to play after your support has ended. This is NOT a Lifetime License for Free Upgrades and Support. Check out our latest version. Our software contains no advertisements, no deceptive download links and we don't gather any information to track you.

Bid Whist for Windows - BidWiz  Bid Whist for Windows - BidWiz
Bid Whist for Windows - BidWiz  Bid Whist for Windows - BidWiz
Bid Whist for Windows is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 - BidWiz
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 Our current full version is 

2024 - Breakthrough with Kaizen


 Our full version contains numerous fixes and logic not found in our 



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 The disabled features listed below are fully functional in our retail purchased version.

  • Undo Play

  • Create Customized Game

  • Player Statistics

  • Recall Kitty

  • Kitty Test of Players Hands

  • Show Other Players Cards

  • Show All Players Original Hands

  • Open and Delete Games

  • Save Game

  • Printing

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