NO CDROM Support Policy

 for Bid Whist for Windows

We distribute "Bid Whist for Windows" via Electronic Email Attachments only. You must acquire our game via a download through your Email address. We have long since terminated the out dated practice of distributing our game via CDROMs or Disks. We originally started out distributing our game via CDROMs because that was the current distribution media years ago. We do not distribute our game via CDROMs or Disks any more. Software distribution processes have changed with the modernization and speed of the Internet and we have changed with the times. Our current distribution practice is via the Internet by Email only. CDROMs and Disks are out dated media storage devices which are on a steady path of becoming obsolete (e.g. Floppy Disk). Maintenance of CDROMs and Disks are not economically feasible for us. We use an Email only distribution method and that's not subject to change. We apologize if you cannot accept our current distribution practice of delivering our game via Email only.

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