Support Policy

 for Bid Whist for Windows

Our Support Policy is to send you one major upgrade and/or support you for 1 year via Email. We currently support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. All upgrades and support are via Email only and must be requested by you. Our game is sold "AS IS". This means that we will not upgrade old versions past your 1 year support. The game will continue to play after your support has ended. We cannot give you unlimited upgrades and support for old versions of our game. That is not economically feasible or practical. We cannot continue to upgrade or support anyone with old products that need to be replaced.  Everything must change. Our improvement changes are based on our research, playing experiences, bugs, flaws and technology improvements. You must purchase a new full version when your upgrade and support has ended. Research and development is not free for us. Long hours and meticulous development has made "Bid Whist for Windows" - second to none. We do not offer upgrade discounts because the cost of supporting you, for 1 year, far exceeds our cost to you per game. Our software contains no advertisements, no deceptive download links and we don't gather any information to track you.

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