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A Whistologist is a person who is a master at playing Bid Whist. This player cannot be beat by skills alone. Their skills cannot be surpassed. The best you can expect to accomplish against this player is a draw. This player can only be beat by the luck of the cards. The luck of the cards is the cards that a person receives, what cards their partner receives and what cards are in the kitty. A Whistologist knows they are a Whistologist. Confidence is apparent; bragging is for the less fortunate. Although, Whistologists have been known to brag in order to crucify their hated opponents. This is not the norm. Other players admire Whistologists and dread playing them. If you have to ask or don't fully understand this definition, then you obviously are not a Whistologist!

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 displays when you have won 10 or more bids and your winning percentage is 65% or more.
Bid Whist Whistologist Certificate - BidWizBid Whist for Windows Certificate granted to Whistologists who have demonstrated a certain level of Thinkology beyond your average Bid Whist player. Gloat baby Gloat. Strut on.
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