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Your order will be sent to you via an Electronic Email Attachment for downloading. This attachment will be a PKZip File that contains an executable file. You are required to download and unzip this file. Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 have built-in functionality that can process PKZip Files. You cannot use our software on Android, Apple, Unix or other operating systems. Our software was developed for Microsoft Windows only. You cannot use a Gmail Email Address because it blocks electronic transmission of executable attachments. Review your Gmail Restrictions below. Download instructions will be included in the Email. Our Support Policy is to send you one major upgrade and support you for 1-year. The game will continue to play after your 1 year support has ended. You will receive the latest version of our game with this order. Our software contains no advertisements, no deceptive download links and we don't gather any information to track you. There will be NO CDROM delivery. You may install "Bid Whist for Windows" on your personal desktop and laptop for your personal use only. Both copies of "Bid Whist for Windows" cannot be run simultaneously. You cannot install "Bid Whist for Windows" on another computer that is not one of your aforementioned personal computers. You cannot install "Bid Whist for Windows" on a network, public computer or a work computer.

You can exercise your option to 


 by downloading our Official DEMO.

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